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Religion - The Alternate Jesus - Justice in Action
Religion - The Alternate Jesus
Ok, so I've been reading The Da Vinci Code recently and it opened my eyes up to a few possibilities. However I did additional reading in the book Holy Blood Holy Grail and have also been looking up information online. So it is time I bring the "truth" to you, my faithful readers.

The Suppression:

During the Council of Neance (spelling?) many decisions were made regarding the "young" Christian faith. These included what gospels would be included in the New Testament as well as holidays. The leader who presided over these "councils" was none other than the Pagan Emporer Constantine. Some of you believe that he was Christian and made Rome Christian; that is incorrect. He saw a wave of change coming and leaped on it. He was baptized against his will on his death bed. Now, many of the gospels left out were ones which pictured Jesus not as a diety but rather as a man. Not only just a man, but a father and a husband. Before this the feminine was considered sacred. It was only with Christianity that introduce the idea of original sin, and that of females being an offshoot of males. Before that birth was a sacred act of creating life. Orgasm was even the ultimate atonement with God (and in early Jewish synagogues this was practiced. Yes, in early times the Jews had sex in their "churches" and believed that was how they got in touch with God). Long story short the Church supressed many ideas inorder to make the religion easier to digest. In addition to this many holidays were changed. Many historians believe that Jesus was born some time in October according to the Gregorian calander. We celebrate it in December due to the coinciding with the Birthdays of Isis and Dionysus (something like that, not 100% positive.. this isn't a term paper damnit). If you have a chance to read about it and are interested, I think you should. Much of it is very interesting, including the history of Mary Magdelene, the Christ bloodline (Merovingians [Dagobert II]), the legend of the Grail, and that of the Knights Templar.

The Grail:

It's a metaphor. Just as many of our religious ideals that we now hold to be literal, the Grail has literally become the Cup of Christ. It is not. The "Grail" that carries the blood of Christ was his wife who bore his child, Mary Magdelene. Some of the symbology was due to the Church's desire to silence this. It was become accepted belief of many "educated" circles that the Grail is nothing more than many of the forbidden gospels which label Jesus as a person and not a deity. It is also believed that this truth would rock the basis of Christianity. Why? What if our prophet and messiah had a child, was born of a non-literal virgin birth, literally did not walk on water, and all the other miracles which could be metaphors turn out to be just that. If this information is around, I wish it would come to the surface. Those who have the strongest convictions are those who believe blindly and are not open-minded. Just to add my own frustration with Calvinism, I believe Predestination is BS. Reason? What kind of malevolent, kind, and merciful God would create souls purely for damnnation? Neigh, He gave man the ultimate gift, the gift of choice. It is our choice what we become, whether it be angels or demons. Go read "Oration on the Dignity of Man" by Pico dela Mirandola.


Does this mean we should all upheave against the church? No, the reason I bring this forth is for you to remember something. Blind faith is something that noone can afford. Always keep an open mind and remember that history is something that is written by the winners. In addition fo this religion has made people better. Those who have found it, even misguided as it may be, are helping others when they are able. Although I personally do not believe in going to church (I think everyone is their own shepard, do not follow a man, he is just that and capable of falsehood); I do support religion. The ideas and its morals and lessons are a good basis for children to grow up on. Do not give up on it, continue to learn and continue to have faith. Your salvation is always one less breath away every time you breath.

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From: synovia Date: December 4th, 2004 03:21 am (UTC) (Link)
One of my friends had this in her AIM profile:

"I hate when people quote the Bible to defend themselves because Jesus didn't even write the Bible. His friends did. And you know how your friends always f**k up stories. Jesus is probably like, "Dude, I didn't walk on water. You were drunk, and I was in a puddle."

Its silly, and its trite, but its absolutely true. Stories have a way of becoming larger than life.
nuddyhe From: nuddyhe Date: July 9th, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
2 injustices fought or Fight an injustice