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Justice in Action

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This community has been formed by randystarkiller and cnumartyr for the purpose of creating a community blog project to share ideas and opinions on current events, ranging from politics, the economy, social issues, gaming, sports, and much more.

If you wish to contant the owner, I can be reached the following ways:
  • AIM: RS Archangel
  • MSN: randystarkiller@hotmail.com
  • Email: randystarkiller@yahoo.com


1. Post your post titles in the "Topic - Title" format at all times on this community. Comments to posts are excuded.
We are trying to keep the posts in this community orderly for such a time if/when we can move the community blog, as well as the archives, to a permanant webspace.

2. Do not troll or flame on this community. You do and you are OUT.

Pretty self-explanitory, I think. I hope not to have to enforce this rule, ever. Debates are fine, controversial posts are fine, but I do not want to see posts intended just to get newbies riled up. I do not want to limit free speech on this group, but I will in extreme circumstances.

3. Do not use racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, or other such offensive terms unless it applies to the topic being discussed.

Again, pretty self-explanitory. There are times when people will use the terms jokingly, and while I would not recommend doing that, we are not the Nazi Gestapo and will not kick you out for a joking mention of "faq" or "queer". We do believe in freedom of speech, and that gives you the right to say what words you want, even hateful ones. So, if you want to use these kind of terms jokingly, I would suggest adding [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags.

4. If you're posting a link and not an essay on something, at least add your short opinion on the link.

I'd rather not see multiple posts with only a link in them. Give some context for what is in the linked page, or something. Again, I hope I do not have to enforce this.

5. This is not a journal about your personal life, do not use it as such.

Unless something that happened in your day in newsworthy (meeting the president, talking to the Pope, seeing a plane crash), we do not necessarily want posts on what happened to you in school today. Still, do not be afraid to talk about your personal experiances in your essays. They make them all the more interesting.

6. You must keep comments enabled on all posts at all times.

We want free discussion of your posts, so please do not turn off commenting.

7. Briefly introduce yourself.

We want to know a little about you, so go ahead and tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. This is a community, after all.

8. Respect others and keep an open mind.

I expect no less from all of you.

Those are the rules, and if you have any questions about them you can comment to this post, e-mail me at randystarkiller@yahoo.com, or leave a comment in my journal (randystarkiller) or in cnumartyr's journal if you must.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If you don't turn onto politics, politics will turn on you" - Ralph Nader
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